RADICORE v1.26.0 released

This version contains a few bug fixes and a few enhancements.

This version contains the following updates:

  • changed the 'initialise()' method inside 'std.table.class.inc' so that values from 'mnu_initial_value_role' and 'mnu_initial_value_user' can be used as WHERE criteria on any LIST pattern, not just LIST1.
  • changed 'std.fileupload1.inc' so that if any type of image can be uploaded then the $filetypes variable can be set to the string value 'image' instead an array of all possible image types.
  • modified the MULTI4 pattern so that any editable field in the parent area which also exists in the $fieldspec array of the child will be added to the field data which is given to the child object.
  • added '_cm_ListView_header()' method to 'std.table.class.inc' which will be called just before titles are printed at the top of each page. This is a more convenient place to define data values that can be inserted into title elements by means of field names with the '%%' prefix.
  • modified 'std.pdf.class.inc' to allow 'type'=>'date/time/pageno' to be used in title elements as well as footer elements.
  • corrected 'radicore\default\reports\en\output2.report.inc' which had 'type'=>'text','value'=>'<string>' instead of 'text'=>'<string>' in the title array.
  • modified 'getInitialData()' method inside 'std.table.class.inc' so that if $where contains any 'IS NULL' or 'IS NOT NULL' values then this will not cause those fields to become display-only.
  • modified POPUP processing to allow a value to be entered before the POPUP form is called. Please refer to http://www.tonymarston.net/php-mysql/infrastructure-faq.html#faq81 for details.
  • added the 'choose_single_row' setting for use in POPUP forms so that if only a single row is retrieved from the database then it will automatically be selected without waiting for the user to press the CHOOSE button.
  • removed all references to 'javascript_footer' as I have been informed that the issue I was trying to solve was actually being caused by a certain brand of anti-virus software, and my solution was not a real solution after all.
  • if any subsystem directory contains a file called 'include.subsystem.inc' then its contents will be included during the inclusion of 'include.general.inc'. This will allow changes at the subsystem level, such as modifying INCLUDE_PATH, defining additional global functions, et cetera.

Published: 25 July 2007