Radicore for PHP

Radicore has been tested with the following versions of PHP:

  • PHP 4.3.8 and above, with the following extensions:
  • PHP 5.0.0 and above, with the following extensions:
    • DOM for creating the XML documents.
    • XSL for performing XSL transformations.
    • MultiByte String if it is required to deal with UTF-8 character sets.

You do not have to tell the code which version to use as it is clever enough to work it out for itself. You do, however, have to ensure that all required extensions are available.

The following database connectors (classes from which I create Data Access Objects) are also included:

When the database supplier terminates active support for a particular version of their product it also means that there can be no guarantee that Radicore will function on that unsupported, obsolete version. Radicore uses features which are available in the current version of the database, so it may cease to function if used with an older version of the database in which those features do not exist.

Although you have to define in the CONFIG.INC file which RDBMS you are using - MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle or SQL Server - there are different class files available for MySQL and Oracle due to different API names with different versions. There is no need to specify which class file to use as the framework is clever enough to work it out for itself.

The software has been built and tested using the Apache web server. No guarantees can be given regarding the reliability or performance with other web servers.

Follow this link for the downloads page.