Credits and Acknowledgements

3rd Party Libraries

Radicore is primarily the work of a single person, but certain components or ideas have been provided by 3rd parties. It is fitting that these 3rd party contributions be properly recognised.

Note: 3rd Party libraries are only included in the product if they can be used without restriction in both commercial and non-commercial applications.

Code Contributions

Users of Radicore may contribute their own code snippets to the project, but no contributions can be accepted unless copyright is assigned to Radicore Software Limited who will immediately grant you back all your rights under copyright, including the rights to copy, modify, and redistribute your contributions. Where possible the author's name will be retained in the contributed code. Such contributions have been received from the following:

  • Kyle Brost of for the file download script.
  • Craig Turner for his tips on improving the speed of some XSL transformations.
  • Ian Katz for the google-style pagination options.
  • Kong for the javascript which prevents a submit button from being pressed more than once.