Having installed the toolkit you will want to know how to create an application with it. This tutorial will take you through all the procedures step by step, and show you how all the basic functions can be created without having to write a single line of code. These steps include:

  • Creating a directory to contain all the files for each application.
  • Importing a database structure into the Data Dictionary.
  • Using the Data Dictionary to define relationships for the benefit of the application.
  • Exporting that structure to the application by creating a class file for each table.
  • Creating transactions by choosing which transaction pattern to use against which table.

Having used the Radicore toolkit to create transactions, you can then immediately run them to see the results. This detailed tutorial will provide working examples by building actual transactions for a test database. These transactions deal with single database tables, one-to-many relationships, and even many-to-many relationships.

It also contains examples of customising screen layouts, and of customising the table classes to implement business rules or task specific behaviour.