RADICORE v1.23.0 released

This version contains a few bug fixes and a few enhancements.

This version contains the following updates:

  • fixed bug in 'std.list2.inc' and 'std.list3.inc' which failed to deal correctly with a selection returned from a popup form.
  • fixed bug in 'dml.mysql.class.inc' and 'dml.mysqli.class.inc' which prevented the tables from a database with a name which is a reserved word (such as 'order') from being imported into the data dictionary.
  • fixed bug with an sql SELECT statement containing HAVING, as reported in http://www.radicore.org/forum/index.php?t=msg&th=201
  • fixed bug in 'dict_table(generate)b' when dealing with MULTI3 and MULTI4 patterns, as reported in http://www.radicore.org/forum/index.php?t=msg&th=204
  • updated 'std.search1.inc' so that it will automatically include fields from compound keys which are returned from a popup and which are not displayed on the current screen. Previously these fields had to be included in the screen with 'control' => 'hidden' in order to have their values added to the $where string which is returned to the previous form when the SUBMIT button is pressed.
  • updated 'std.table.class.inc' to include a new '_cm_post_popupReturn()' method which is called after '_cm_popupReturn()' and 'getForeignData()'.
  • updated database schemas to change task_id from varchar(40) to varchar(80), and subsys_id from varchar(8) to varchar(16). Please run the following scripts to update your databases:
    • radicore/audit/sql/mysql/alter_table(2007-03-06).sql
    • radicore/dict/sql/mysql/alter_table(2007-03-06).sql
    • radicore/menu/sql/mysql/alter_table(2007-03-06).sql
    • radicore/workflow/sql/mysql/alter_table(2007-03-06).sql
  • updated 'dict/table_export.php' so that it will not export anything for a database table that has no columns.
  • updated 'dict/table_popup.php' so that it will not show any tables which have no columns.
  • updated '_cm_validateDelete()' method to include a new $parent_table argument. This will be empty for ordinary deletes, but for cascade deletes it will identify the table from which the delete is being initiated.
  • modified all XSL stylesheets to improve performance using ideas identified in http://www.radicore.org/forum/index.php?t=msg&th=95&goto=701#msg_701
  • updated 'std.validation.class.inc' so that it will retrieve translated field (column) names from the 'language_text.inc' file when constructing error messages. The task 'mnu_subsystem(export)' will include a list of column names when building file '<subsystem>.menu_export.txt'. This is in response to the request at http://www.radicore.org/forum/index.php?t=msg&th=203

Published: 30 March 2007