RADICORE v1.17.0 released

This version contains a few bug fixes and some new features.

This version contains the following updates:

  • fixed bug which caused an invalid sql statement to be created when navigating from 'List To-Do by User' to 'List Audit Details'. This was caused by an inappropriate entry in $search not being filtered out as it specified a tablename which was not defined in the FROM clause.
  • fixed bug in xample/sql/mysql/xample-schema.sql by adding in missing column 'fckeditor_test'.
  • fixed bug in menu/classes/mnu_user.class.inc as reported in http://www.radicore.org/forum/index.php?t=msg&th=99.
  • fixed bug in product_category.class.inc which caused non-database field 'rollup' to be qualified with a table name when selected as a sort item, thus causing an invalid SQL statement to be generated.
  • fixed bug in include.xml.php5.inc where it was calling ->set_attribute() instead of ->setAttribute().
  • removed global variable $popup_where as it is redundant,
  • removed entries for 'POPUP', 'TREE1POPUP' and 'TREE2POPUP' from MNU_PATTERN table in MENU database. These have been replaced by 'POPUP1', 'POPUP2', 'POPUP3' and 'POPUP4'. Please import radicore/menu/sql/mysql/alter_table(2006-09-06).sql to delete the old entries and radicore/menu/sql/menu.menu_export.sql to insert the new entries.
  • changed dict_column(import) so that the default value for column_desc is column_id, but with '_' (underscore) replaced with ' ' (space), then the first character of each word shifted to upper case.
  • changed include.session.inc so that when navigating to 'audit_dtl(list)3' the selection criteria includes the current database_id, and when navigating to 'audit_dtl(list)3exact' the selection criteria includes the current database_id and table_id.
  • added a series of 'xxx-wide' CSS files which set the screen width to 100% instead of 750px. This is for people with screen resolutions which are greater than 800x600.
  • added function getPatternId() to file 'include.session.inc' to return the pattern_id of the selected script.
  • added task 'mnu_subsystem(build)' which will build the directory structure for a new subsystem. You will need to import radicore/menu/sql/menu.menu_export.sql to see this task.
  • added task 'dict_table(generate)a' and 'dict_table(generate)b' which will generate the component scripts and screen structure scripts for selected tables and transaction patterns. You will need to import radicore/dict/sql/dict.menu_export.sql to see these tasks.

The last two items are documented in Radicore for PHP - Tutorial. They automate some of the processes which were previously performed manually. It is now possible to create the directory structure for a new application at the touch of a button then, starting with nothing more than a database schema, build the components for that application at the touch of another button - all without writing a single line of code.

Published: 18 October 2006