RADICORE v1.11.0 released

This version contains a few fixes and improvements, plus a new series of INVENTORY screens for the PRODUCT prototype.

This version contains the following updates:

  • changed dml.*.class.inc so that auto_increment key values are enclosed in single quotes when appearing in the PKEY field of the AUDIT_TBL table. This is to make it consistent with all other values, numeric or not.
  • changed the menu structure for the PRODUCT prototype to include a set of new INVENTORY transactions.
  • changed include.general.inc to include an adjustDate() function.
  • changed include.general.inc to include an isPrimaryObject() function.
  • changed wf_transition table in the workflow database so that role_id is now optional.
  • fixed problem in php_session.class.inc which was caused by trying to create a duplicate record.
  • fixed problem in std.table.class.inc which caused method _sqlAssembleWhereLink() to remove 'A', 'N' or 'D' character from the end of column names.
  • fixed std.validation.class.inc so that if a required field is empty and (a) it has a default value defined and (b) it has an option list defined (for a dropdown or radio group) then the default value is only used if it also appears in the option list. This is for those situations where a numeric required field has a default value of '0' but the option list starts at '1'.
  • fixed include.session.inc so that the 'Log SQL Query?' option in the 'Update Task' function works properly.
  • fixed xample/pers_opt_xref_del.php so that it refers to table 'x_pers_opt_xref' instead of 'pers_opt_xref'.
  • fixed workflow/sql/mysql/workflow-data.sql so that it contains data for the WF_ARC table.
  • fixed workflow processing which failed to deal with a workitem whose context was not an exact match to the current object's primary key.

Published: 10 July 2006