RADICORE v1.9.0 released

This version contains a few bug fixes and improvements.

This version contains the following updates:

  • changed the PostgreSQL driver (dml.pgsql.class.inc) to use pg_escape_string() instead of addslashes() following the advice given with the release of version 8.1.4
  • changed the Mysql drivers (dml.mysql.class.inc and dml.mysqli.class.inc) to use SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS and FOUND_ROWS() to obtain row count. This fixes a problem using SELECT count(*) with a GROUP BY clause.
  • updated file include.xml.php5.inc to include the align_hv/align_lr specifications for radio groups and the align_lr specification for checkboxes.
  • updated various xsl stylesheets and templates to use the variable 'zone' instead of 'table' to be consistent with the documentation.
  • changed std.validation.class.inc to use the default value (if it has been defined) when no value has been supplied, even when the field is not marked as "required".
  • changed std.datevalidation.class.inc to deal with a choice of 'dmy', 'mdy' and 'ymd' date formats. The choice can be set in $GLOBALS['date_format'] in the CONFIG.INC file. Will default to 'dmy' if not specified.
  • fixed bug in audit_dtl_list3.php which prevented the message "No parent has been selected yet" from being displayed when no parent had been selected.
  • created directory CSS to hold a series of css files (which makes 'radicore/style_default.css' redundant), and modified mnu_session_upd.php to allow the user to choose one. This choice will be stored in a cookie so that it persists beyond the current session.
  • moved all individual 'radicore/<subsys>/images' subdirectories into a single 'radicore/images' directory.
  • changed the images, css files and xsl files which deal with tree structures to improve the screen display.

Published: 19 June 2006