RADICORE v2.28.0 released

This version updates the TCPDF library to version 6.3.2 and includes a few minor bug fixes.

This version contains the following changes:

Database changes:

- none

Other changes:

  • upgraded TCPDF library to version 6.3.2
  • updated numerous classes to replace call to getFieldSpec_original(), which has been deprecated, to call loadFieldSpec() instead.
  • fixed bug in std.filepicker1.inc to deal with undefined variable $search, and to deal with the ‘previous search’ button.
  • fixed bug in std.multi4.inc where it reset the value of $inner_where incorrectly.
  • fixed bug in std.pdf.class.inc to make FAQ134 work correctly.
  • fixed bug in std.search1.inc which incorrectly removed a field from $fieldarray.
  • fixed bug in convertTimeZone() method within std.table.class.inc.
  • fixed bug in formatData() method within std.table.class.inc which failed to call convertTZ function because $errors was not empty.
  • fixed bug in getData() method within std.table.class.inc to exit if call to _cm_post_getData() raised an error.
  • fixed bug in getEmailParams() method within std.table.class.inc which failed to set ‘email_from’ address and ‘email_to’ address.
  • updated getPickerDir() method within std.table.class.inc to add an optional $search argument.
  • updated getWhere() method within std.table.class.inc to call $this->getPkeyNamesAdjusted() instead of $this->getPkeyNames().
  • fixed bug in initialiseFilePicker() method within std.table.class.inc to set the quicksearch bar in the correct place.
  • fixed bug in std.update1.inc to ignore any previous messages after performing an update.
  • updated std.validation.class.inc so that if a numeric value is entered in a dropdown control which is defined as 'string' it will be treated as blank. This is to deal with FAQ181.

Published: 01 May 2024