RADICORE v2.26.0 released

This version fixes a few bugs and fixes more deprecation notices when NULL is passed to a string function.

This version contains the following changes:

Database changes:

- none

Other changes:

  • made changes to various scripts to convert NULL to an empty string before calling any function that requires a string.
  • updated mnu_control.class.inc to tighten rules regarding switching password encryption ON and OFF and changing the authentication method.
  • updated mnu_user.class.inc to prevent switching password encryption between ON and OFF when the authentication method is not INTERNAL or SSL.
  • fixed bug in mnu_saved_selection.class.inc which failed to update is_selected in mnu_saved_selection_data table.
  • fixed bug in custom_pre_eraseRecord() method of std.table.class.inc which failed to call _cm_pre_eraseRecord() method if there were no errors.
  • fixed bug in std.update3.inc which failed to deal with changes made to $fieldarray during validation process.

Published: 04 April 2023