RADICORE v2.04.2 released

This is a minor bugfix release

This version contains the following changes:

Database changes:

  • None

Other changes:

  • fixed bug in mnu_user.class.inc which caused the user_password field to be hidden in the 'Add User' task. This is not a good idea as it is a required field.
  • modified std.update1.inc so that after the call to $dbobject->getData() the result in $fieldarray is converted from an indexed array to an associative array.
  • modified std.singleton.php5.class.inc so that if the input argument contains more than one '/' it will be treated as a complete path name and will not be subject to any adjustments.
  • fixed bug in std.search1.inc which failed to deal properly with leaving a popup screen without having made a selection.
  • modified include.session.inc to pass $where, $selection and $search strings as arguments on the exec($command_line) call to get around the problem which caused these values to be not retrieved from the $_SESSION array.
  • modified std.table.class.inc so that after a call to $dbobject->getData() from anything other than a page controller a call to ->getForeignData() will be made automatically to include any missing data from foreign tables. This will prevent the need to perform this operation manually.
  • fixed bug in _dml_ReadBeforeUpdate() method of std.table.class.inc so that the select string is not adjusted if it contains either '*' or '<tablename>.*'.

Published: 01 July 2017