RADICORE v2.00.0 released

This version officially ends support for PHP4 and starts support for PHP7.

This version contains the following changes:

Database changes:

- run script menu\sql\mysql\alter_table(2016-08-30).sql to alter the structure of the MENU database.

Other changes:

  • dropped support for PHP4 and opened support for PHP7. This is because the PHP4 class constructors, which worked in both PHP4 and PHP5, will no longer work in PHP7. I have updated all classes to use the PHP5 constructors which will work in PHP5 and PHP7, but not in PHP4.
  • changed MNU_TODO table by adding a column called 'object_id'. This is an optional field which is not used by the framework but by an application which was built using the framework.
  • fixed bug in getCount() method where the SQL statement starts with whitespace.
  • modified the logging of sql queries so that they are now written to the '<subsystem>/sql/logs' directory instead of the '<subsystem>/sql' directory, and to include timings down to the millisecond. See FAQ51 for details.
  • added function dateDiff_YYMM() to get the difference between two dates in years and months.
  • updated 'include.session.inc' and 'std.update4.inc' so that when a task of the UPDATE4 pattern is activated through a navigation button without any individial rows being selected then any search criteria currently being used in the parent task will be passed down to the child task.
  • updated all page controllers to remove the calls to START_TRANSACTION and COMMIT/ROLLBACK around the processing of custom buttons as they serve no purpose.
  • updated 'include.session.inc' so that if scriptNext() is used when processing a custom button then it is treated just like a popup in that when the form containing the custom button is reactivated it will not re-read the database and therefore lose any data in the form which has not yet been saved.
  • updated 'dml.sqlsrv.class.inc' to use 'SELECT SCOPE_IDENTITY()' instead of 'SELECT @@identity' to fix the bug reported in http://radicore.org/fud/index.php?t=msg&th=2288.
  • updated setJavaScript() in include.xml.php5.inc so that the contents of $javascript['foot'][]['code'] is processed correctly.

Published: 01 October 2016