RADICORE v1.82.0 released

This version contains some minor bug fixes and enhancements.

This version contains the following changes:

Database changes:

  • None.

Other changes:

  • modified 'std.table.class.inc' so that '_cm_getColumnNames()' method can be used to remove unwanted columns as well as set the initial value in the selection screen of the UPDATE4 task.
  • modified 'std.search1.inc' so that it will accept a value for an ENUM field which is either a numeric index or a string representation.
  • modified 'runInBackground()' function within 'include.session.inc' so that if being run on linux/unix it will run the command line version of PHP and pass the session id as an argument, otherwise it will continue to start a parallel apache thread via the curl extension.
  • modified 'initSession()' function within 'include.session.inc' so that it the session id can be obtained either from $argv (command line) or $_GET.
  • modified 'std.batch.inc' so that it will display any input values which have been supplied in the $argv array.
  • modified 'mnu_nav_button.class.inc' so that when it modifies the SELECT clause to extract values from a foreign language table it removes the previous entry from the default table. This is to fix a problem when using the SQL Server database as it does not like duplicate names in the SELECT clause.
  • fixed bug in 'dml.sqlsrv.class.inc' where it failed to change 'dbname.tblname' to 'dbname.dbo.tblname' in the SELECT clause.
  • updated 'getExternalDate()' and 'getInternalDate()' methods inside 'std.datevalidation.class.inc' to provide a second optional argument to specify the format of the input/output date if it is different from the value defined in $GLOBALS['date_format'].
  • modified 'std.table.class.inc' to include '$this->executeQuery()' method to execute an arbitrary query, or several queries. You can also use '$this->multiQuery()' as a synonym for this method.
  • added the 'findDBName()' function to identify the correct database name to be used in an SQL query containing a JOIN.
  • fixed bug in 'std.pdf.class.inc' which caused a cell containing only '0' (zero) to be printed as blank.
  • modified 'dict_table_s02.class.inc' so that when creating '<table>.dict.inc' files it will include the database name independent of the subsystem name. This is to allow more than one database to exist in the same subsystem.

Published: 07 March 2014