RADICORE v1.71.0 released

This version updates the options for producing PDF documents.

This version contains the following changes:

  • fix bug in 'std.pdf.class.inc' when a report line has both text and a barcode, and the height of the barcode is not an exact multiple of the line height of the text.
  • updated 'std.pdf.class.inc' to include the following:
    • allow margin and padding options to be supplied either with or without an underscore making 'marginleft' and 'margin_left' both valid.
    • restrict the 'border' option on barcodes to the containing cell and 'image_border' for the barcode itself (when the barcode is smaller than its cell).
    • removed the 'position' option on barcodes as this positions the cell within the page, not the barcode within the cell.
    • added the 'cellfitalign' option to barcodes to position the barcode within its cell.
    • added the ability to handle 2D barcodes (QRCODE and PDF417).
    • added the 'margin_top' and 'margin_bottom' options to the page definitions.
    • added the 'image_offset' option for pictures and barcodes to provide a space between the image border and the cell border.
    • added the 'body_gap' option to specify a gap between the header and the body. The default is 1mm.
    • allow width of '*' to be used on more than 1 column, in which case the remaining space will be apportioned equally.

Published: 02 September 2011