RADICORE v1.69.0 released

This version includes a few bug fixes and enhancements.

This version contains the following changes:

  • added ability to pre-select a field name in the QuickSearch dropdown.
  • added option to include a QuickSearch area on LIST2 screens.
  • fixed bug which failed to display multiple error messages on the logon screen.
  • modified 'include.xml.php5.inc' to replace '<br></br>' with '<br />' in HTML output to get around a bug in the libxslt library.
  • added 'SUBMIT+stay' and 'SUBMIT+next' buttons to LINK1 pattern.
  • modified XML output so that if a field's value is an array it will be output as '<array key="0" value="value1" />' instead of '<array id="value1" />' so that associative arrays can be shown properly.
  • added ability to specify the 'nosort' option in the $structure['<zone>']['columns'] array as well as the $structure['<zone>']['fields'] array.
  • as the <COL ALIGN="..."> and <COL VALIGN="..."> attributes are poorly supported in most browsers (and removed from HTML5) I have changed the code in 'include.xml.php4/5.inc' to convert them to 'class' attributes instead. The 'class' attribute within <COL> is also poorly supported, so I have changed 'std.column_hdg.xsl' and 'std.data_field.xsl' so it will now be added to every cell within that column instead. This has been tested in IE8, Firefox 5.0, Opera 11.5 and Safari 5.0.5. See Model-View-Controller for details.
  • modified all XSL stylesheets to include 'indent=yes' so that HTML output is easier to read.
  • change the handling of error messages so that errors generated within internal objects can be shown as having come from that object. See FAQ14 for details.

Published: 01 August 2011