RADICORE v1.60.0 released

This version contains a few enhancements and bug fixes

This version contains the following changes:

  • modified 'config.inc' file to include optional 'port' and 'socket' parameters for MySQL database connections. See 'config.inc.default' for details.
  • modified 'std.batch.inc' and 'dml.???.class.inc' so that if a batch job fails on a duplicate candidate key during an insert or an update then the error log will contain the key value.
  • modified XML/XSL processing to allow a field's HTML control to be set to 'button'. See FAQ137 for details.
  • modified 'std.add1.inc', 'std.add2.inc', 'std.add5.inc' and 'std.update1.inc' to deal with 'button' controls.
  • fixed bug with cascadeDelete() when called from deleteRelations() method which failed to pass down the identity of the parent table.
  • modified processing of MNU_INITIAL_VALUE_ROLE and MNU_INITIAL_VALUE_USER so that both will be read and combined, with USER values taking precedence over ROLE values.
  • fixed bug in 'std.validation.class.inc' involving a MySQL field type of 'SET' which use a screen control of MULTI CHECKBOX. This bug resulted in unselected values being represented as '0' in the sql query, thus causing an error. This does not happen if the control is MULTI DROPDOWN. See this bug for details.

Published: 01 June 2010