RADICORE v1.59.0 released

This version contains a few enhancements and bug fixes

This version contains the following changes:

  • fixed bug when writing to the AUDIT database when it has a dbprefix which is different from that of the table being audited.
  • updated TCPDF library to version 4.9.007.
  • added the ability to execute a task between the logon screen and the display of the first menu. This task can be specified as the 'initial passthru' on the 'menu' (Home Page) task. See FAQ132 for details.
  • fixed bug in wf_workitem.class.inc and workflow_engine.class.inc where rdcaccount_id was not included in the SELECT list. See Forum Thread #554 for details.
  • amended function append2ScriptSequence() to include an optional second argument, which, if set to TRUE, will cause the task details to be prepended to the $_SESSION['script_sequence'] array instead of being appended. This is to force any AUTO tasks generated by the workflow system to go to the head of the queue in front of any non-workflow tasks. See Forum Thread #556 for details.
  • amended 'workitem(timeout).php' so that it will process records for all values of rdcaccount_id.
  • updated 'wf_transition' table in 'workflow' database so that the time_limit can be specified in minutes instead of hours. You will need to run script radicore\workflow\sql\mysql\alter_table(2010-04-07).sql in order to implement this change.
  • fixed bug in 'std.multi4.inc' which prevented it from changing the rows-per-page setting.
  • fixed bug with the regular expression within the 'unFormatNumber()' method in 'std.table.class.inc'.
  • fixed bug which prevented a task of pattern 'batch' to be run from a menu button.
  • amended the 'auditWrite()' method inside 'audit_tbl.class.inc' so that it ignores BLOB fields. This is to prevent an error when attempting to write to a string field which contains invalid characters.
  • updated the data dictionary to allow a column to have a control of 'image'. This is similar to the 'control=filepicker' with 'subtype=image', but without the filepicker option.
  • updated XML/XSL processing to allow the specification of 'alt' text for an image field. See FAQ133 for details.
  • updated XML/XSL processing to allow a hyperlink field to have separate parts for 'label' and 'url'. See FAQ133 for details.
  • updated XML/XSL processing to allow a hyperlink field to be specified as an array so that multiple entries can be displayed. See FAQ133 for details.

Published: 01 May 2010