RADICORE v1.51.0 released

This version contains a few bug fixes and enhancements.

This version contains the following changes:

  • fixed bug in 'std.search1.inc' which caused changes to $this-fieldspec in '_cm_validateSearch()' to be ignored.
  • changed 'std.data_field.xsl' to remove the need for the 'id' attribute when defining labels for options in radio groups and checkboxes. The 'id' attribute always used a value which was the same as the 'value' attribute for the control, which caused duplicate id's if more than one field had the same value. This in turn caused only the last label entry with that id to have any effect.
  • fixed bug in 'std.list2/3.inc', 'std.multi2/3/4.inc' where the RESET button caused action to be taken on the outer/parent entity when it should not.
  • fixed bug in 'childForm()' function which passed $search as a separate string to child forms of type 'list' instead of merging in the $where string.
  • fixed bug in 'childForm()' function which failed to include $script_vars in its arguments on the call to the runInBackground() function.
  • fixed bug in 'std.table.class.inc' which failed to set up the value for rdcaccount_id when the getData_serial() method was called.
  • fixed bug in '__sqlProcessJoin()' where $select (the current SELECT list) contained a field with an alias name and the contents of $parent_field contained more than one new field name.
  • fixed bug in 'dict_database_s01.class.inc' which referred to task 'dict_table(list)2' instead of 'dict_table(list2)'.
  • removed "header('content-length: ...')" from XSLclient() function as this caused problems when the XML document contained multibyte characters.
  • changed HELP text for DICT subsystem to reflect the latest task id's.
  • added custom method '_cm_reset()' which is called whenever the RESET button is pressed.
  • changed the processing of _cm_initialise() so that the 2nd argument, $selection, will be available for all tasks, not just those of pattern ADD2.
  • changed '_cm_pre_output()' method so that the $filename argument is available for CSV output. This will allow the filename to be changed in OUTPUT1 tasks.
  • changed 'std.pdf.class.inc' to allow the 'ignore_if_empty' attribute for a cell in the title area.
  • fixed bug in 'recover password' function which failed to decrypt the user's password before it was emailed.

Published: 01 September 2009