RADICORE v1.49.0 released

This version contains a few bug fixes and enhancements, inlcuding support for different time zones.

This version contains the following changes:

  • added field 'user_timezone' to MNU_USER table. You will need to run script radicore\menu\sql\mysql\alter_table(2009-06-01).sql in order to amend the database schema.
  • added the ability to convert datetime fields between the timezone of the server and the timezone of the client. This is only available if your PHP version is 5.2 or greater.
  • updated 'std.pdf.class.inc' to use $this->getAliasNbPages() instead of the deprecated $this->AliasNbPages (used to insert 'page n of n' in page footers).
  • modified ListView in PDF processing so that each line can have a border top and bottom instead of alternate lines having a different background colour. Also allow 'border=P' to put a border around the page instead of each cell.
  • modified all page controllers to use '$dbobject->getMessages()' instead of '$dbobject->messages' which will allow $dbobject->messages to be either a string or an array.
  • modified 'dml.oracle.php4.class.inc' and 'dml.oracle.php5.class.inc' in order to manipulate the GROUP BY and HAVING clauses as what is acceptable to MySQL will not work in Oracle.
  • added method 'post_search()' and '_cm_post_search()' to 'std.table.class.inc'.
  • modified 'std.search1.inc' to call the new 'post_search()' method in order to perform any final processing before the entered values are passed back to the calling form. This may be because the search form is being used to enter selection details before firing off a batch process.
  • all tasks and scripts in the DICT subsystem have been renamed to conform to the current Radicore naming conventions. You will need to run script radicore\dict\sql\dict.menu_export(2009-06-25).sql to update your MENU database.
  • modified search screens so that required fields will be indicated as such. The 'required' property is removed from every entry in $this->fieldspec by default, but can be reinstated in '_cm_changeConfig()'.
  • fix bug in 'dict_table_s02.class.inc' (export table) which failed to error when a related table was in a different subsystem but with no value for SUBSYS_DIR.

Published: 01 July 2009