RADICORE v1.42.0 released

This version contains a few bug fixes and enhancements which include connections to MySQL databases using SSL, and initiating background tasks from a web page.

This version contains the following updates and fixes:

  • made it possible to connect to a remote MySQL database using SSL encryption. This is only possible when using the 'improved' mysqli extension for version 4.1 and above. Refer to FAQ115.
  • fixed bug in 'std.pdf.class.inc' in order to allow an image to appear in the 'multi*' area.
  • modified 'insertOrUpdate() method within 'std.table.class.inc' so that the input array is checked to see if the full primary key has been specified. If it has not then a lookup cannot be performed and the record will be inserted. This is to deal with auto_increment columns.
  • modified the 'getColumnNames()' method within 'std.table.class.inc' so that it calls custom method '_cm_getColumNames()'. This will allow both the list of column names (defined within $this->fieldpsec) and their initial values to be customised.
  • fixed bug in 'logon.class.inc' which caused the wrong error message to be displayed if the login is via email address and the address does not exist in the MNU_USER table.
  • updated the processing of radio groups to allow individual entries to be given their own CSS style. Refer to FAQ117.
  • updated 'std.batch.inc' so that it will use the INCLUDE_PATH from the local {.}htaccess{.txt} file instead of the 'batch.ini' file. You will need to copy the updated version from the 'radicore/default' directory.
  • modified list of patterns to include 'BATCH' for tasks which are to be run in the background. Refer to FAQ119. You will need to run script 'radicore\menu\sql\menu.menu_export(2008-11-21).sql' in order to update your copy of the MENU database.
  • updated directory structure to include 'radicore/logs' for the output from background tasks. You will need to create this directory and change its permissions so that it can be written to by the application.
  • created task 'batch_log(filepicker)' to read the contents of the 'radicore/logs' directory. Clicking on a file name will download/display its contents.
  • updated 'std.filepicker1.inc' to include a call to the 'filePickerSelect()' method after a selection has been made in case some further processing is necessary.
  • updated 'std.filedownload1.inc' to include a call to the 'initialise()' method to perform any processing before the 'initialiseFileDownload()' method is called.
  • added task 'file(search)' to be used as the search function for the 'filepicker' pattern.
  • added task 'file(delete)' as a navigation button in 'batch_log(filepicker)', to allow selected entries to be deleted.
  • updated 'std.filepicker1.inc' to include optional 'size' and 'date' column, and to allow sorting on these columns.

Published: 02 December 2008