RADICORE v1.41.0 released

This version contains a few bug fixes and enhancements.

This version contains the following updates and fixes:

  • fixed bug in 'initSession()' function within file 'include.session.inc' which lost the value of a task's pattern_id in the session data.
  • updated 'std.add2.inc' so that if 'getExtraData()' produces an error it will return immediately to the previous task.
  • fixed bug in 'std.validation.class.inc' which failed to pick up a custom validation class in the subsystem's 'classes' directory.
  • fixed bug in 'std.datevalidation.class.inc' which failed to deal correctly with dates which were input in the format 'dd/mm/yyyy'.
  • added option on Menu Control Data to allow login via email address instead of user_id.
  • upgraded TCPDF library to version 4.0.029 (after overcoming some new bugs in TCPDF which the author won't recognise as bugs).
  • modified the pagination and scrolling functionality to allow 'google style' which shows (Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 of 99) instead of (Page 5 of 99). My thanks to Ian Katz for contributing this code.
  • modified the 'help' template inside 'std.buttons.xsl' so that all help screens use the same session name as the application screens. This will ensure that the user's language will be taken into account when finding text to be displayed.
  • modified 'std.pdf.class.inc' to accept 'notext' => 'y' on images so that the image will be displayed on its own without the file name.
  • fixed bug in 'radicore/default/screens/en/output4.screen.inc' which had 'party' as the table name instead of '#tablename#'.

Published: 01 November 2008