RADICORE v1.39.0 released

This version contains a few enhancements and bug fixes.

This version contains the following updates and fixes:

  • modified 'std.table.class.inc' so that if the 'getData()' or 'getData_serial()' methods need to check that the primary key has been supplied they will also accept a candidate key.
  • fixed bug in 'dml.*.class.inc' which caused the value zero in an integer field to be treated as empty, thus causing an error if a field had the 'required' property set. The test has been changed from 'if (empty($value)) to 'if (strlen($value) > 0)'.
  • modified 'std.table.class.inc' so that the 'initialise()' method saves the contents of $where in $this->where. This will allow $where in an ADD1 pattern to be passed to a popup form.
  • fixed bug in 'isPkeyComplete()' where the primary key was not supplied but because the table had additional unique keys no error was raised even though none of these keys was supplied.
  • modified 'std.table.class.inc' so that the '_cm_initialiseFilePicker()' method accepts an argument which is the $where string converted into an associative array.

Published: 01 September 2008