RADICORE v1.36.0 released

This version contains a few enhancements and bug fixes.

This version contains the following updates and fixes:

  • switched license from GPL (GNU General Public License) to AGPL (GNU Affero General Public License) to include 'remote network interaction' in the definition of 'sharing' (ie: non-private usage).
  • modified 'std.data_field.xsl' so that the select box will not be shown for any row that has the 'noselect' attribute set. This can be achieved by adding the pseudo-column 'rdc_rowspecs' with the value "array('noselect' => 'y')" to the row in question.
  • modified 'std.table.class.inc' so that it deals with 'allow_empty_where=true' passed down in the 'settings' field from the 'Update Task' screen.
  • modified 'std.table.class.inc' so that if an object's 'allow_empty_where' property is set it will also ignore the 'checkPrimaryKey' property.
  • modified 'logon.class.inc' so that if radius authentication is turned on the user is not prompted to change his menu password.
  • modified 'std.list1.inc' so that 'getExtraData()' method is called after 'getData()' instead of 'initialise()'.
  • fixed bug in 'validateSortItem()' which failed to remove trailing 'asc' or 'desc' from field name before testing it against the field list of the current object.
  • fixed bug in 'getFieldAlias3()' function within 'include.general.inc' so that if an expression contains more than one '.. AS ..' it deals with the last one, not the first.
  • modified 'std.data_field.xsl' so that when processing a MULTI2, MULTI3 or MULTI4 pattern it is possible to set the 'outer' or 'inner' zones to 'noedit' with the statements "$this-xsl_params['outer_noedit'] = 'y'" and "$this-xsl_params['inner_noedit'] = 'y'". This can be reversed using the "unset()" statement.
  • added '_cm_getWhere()' method to 'std.table.class.inc' to allow $where string to be modified before it is passed to the next task.
  • modified 'std.update1.inc' so that if $dbobject->errors is set after the call to $dbobject->getData() then all the fields in the data area are set to 'noedit'.
  • modified 'std.search1.inc' to allow date fields to be preceded by operators such as '<', '<=', '>' and '>='.
  • the file 'std.multi3.xsl' is now redundant as it is a duplicate of 'std.list3.xsl'.

Published: 01 May 2008