RADICORE v1.34.0 released

This version contains a few enhancements and bug fixes.

This version contains the following updates:

  • made it possible to include '../menu/logon.php' from another script in order to allow additional logon screens for different purposes. Each logon can have its own footer.txt and CSS entries.
  • modified LIST2, LIST3, MULTI2, MULTI3 and MULTI4 controllers so that the contents of 'Selection (fixed)' from the MNU_TASK table is made available in $this->sql_where for all middle and inner entities. This is because the value may get filtered out when the $where string is extracted from the previous entity.
  • modified the _sqlAssembleWhere() method in 'std.table.class.inc' so that if the WHERE string contains a reference to a name which appears as an alias name in the select list (i.e: 'name AS alias') it will be moved to the HAVING string, thus avoiding an SQL error. This makes the solution in FAQ 85 obsolete.
  • modified the mechanism by which primary keys are extracted from one object for passing to another object, either within the same task or a different (child) task. By default only the fields which are part of the primary key will be included in the $where string, but this list can be altered at runtime within the _cm_getPkeyNames() method.
  • modified the mechanism by which the $where string which is passed down from the previous object, either within the same task or a different (parent) task, is filtered during the initialise() method. By default any field which does not exist in the $fieldspec array will be filtered out, but additional fields can be added to the list within the _cm_filterWhere() method.
  • fixed bug in dict_database(import) which failed to deal correctly with a non-null value in $GLOBALS['dbprefix'].
  • added the ability to change the hyperlinks above the menu bar from text to images. Refer to FAQ 99 for details.
  • added 'Search' navigation buttons to the various 'mnu_initial_value_role/user' tasks. Please run script radicore\menu\sql\menu.menu_export(2008-02-07).sql to import these changes.
  • modified structure of USER and TASK_FIELD tables in the MENU database. You will need to run script radicore\menu\sql\mysql\alter_table(2008-02-27).sql to modify your existing database.

Published: 01 March 2008