RADICORE v1.33.0 released

This version contains enhancements for internationalisation, multiple database servers, Two Factor Authentication (2FA) via a RADIUS server, and silent logons.

This version contains the following updates:

  • modified MENU database to include a new LANGUAGE table which will help when providing application data in multiple languages. This is documented in http://www.tonymarston.net/php-mysql/internationalisation2.html. You will need to run the following scripts:
    • radicore\menu\sql\mysql\alter_table(2008-01-03).sql to modify the database structure.
    • radicore\menu\sql\menu.menu_export(2008-01-03).sql to modify the contents of the MENU database.
  • modified DICT database to add new columns to DICT_TABLE table. You will need to run the following script:
    • radicore\dict\sql\mysql\alter_table(2008-01-04).sql
  • updated 'dict_table_s02.class.inc' so that the dictionary export facility will include alternative language details in the '<table>.dict.inc' file.
  • updated 'std.table.class.inc' to include 'getLanguageEntries()' which ensures that each alternative language table contains a default entry for each supported language.
  • updated 'std.list2.inc' so that when the inner table is the same as the alternative language table of the outer table it will call 'getLanguageEntries()' automatically.
  • updated 'std.table.class.inc' so that when 'insertRecord()' is used on a table which has an alternative language table it will automatically call 'getLanguageEntries()' to create default entries on the alternative language table for all the supported languages.
  • modified the XAMPLE subsystem to demonstrate how the alternative language feature works. You will need to install that subsystem before you can view it.
  • modified tables 'initial_value_role' and 'initial_value_user' in the MENU database to include a new 'is_noedit' column. If this is set to TRUE then the field will be set to NOEDIT so that the value cannot be changed.
  • modified 'std.table.class.inc' so that the '_getDBMSengine()' method will allow connections to multiple database servers, as documented in http://www.tonymarston.net/php-mysql/infrastructure-faq.html#faq92.
  • modified the logon process to include the option of additional authorisation via a RADIUS server. Please refer to http://www.tonymarston.net/php-mysql/infrastructure-faq.html#faq93 for details.
  • modified PDF List View so that additional lines can be printed both before and after the current database record, as documented in http://www.tonymarston.net/php-mysql/output-to-pdf.html#example.list.view.line.breaks
  • modified the logon screen to accept user_id and user_password via the URL, thus removing the need for dialog with the user.

Published: 01 February 2008