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Evolution of the RADICORE framework

This explains how the current RADICORE framework had its origins in a framework I developed in COBOL in the 1980s, then again in UNIFACE in the 1990s, culminating with my PHP version which I began in 2002.

Published: 01 June 2022

How Radicore prevents SQL Injection attacks

This article explains how RADICORE prevents SQL Injection attacks.

Published: 17 July 2021

How Radicore prevents CSRF attacks

This article explains how RADICORE prevents Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks.

Published: 08 October 2017

How Radicore's Hook System Works

This article explains the mechanism which allows custom code to be inserted into the processing flow.

Published: 16 September 2017

The use of Cascading Style Sheets within Radicore

This article describes how CSS files are used within the Radicore framework.

Published: 22 April 2008

How to implement Two Factor Authentication

This FAQ entry describes how you can implement Two Factor Authentication (TFA) or Two Token Authentication (TTA) via a RADIUS server.

Published: 01 February 2008

RADICORE tutorial

This tutorial shows how to create the directory structure for a new application at the touch of a button then, starting with nothing more than a database schema, build the components for that application at the touch of another button - all without writing a single line of code.

Published: 18 October 2006

How to extend the validation class

This article describes how you can extend the validation class with custom methods.

Published: 11 September 2006

How to produce PDF documents with RADICORE

This article describes how you can produce output in PDF format instead of HTML.

Published: 28 August 2006

How does RADICORE maintain application state?

This describes how Radicore maintains your application state in a stateless environment.

Published: 19 August 2006

How to add javascript to your RADICORE application.

This shows you how to add javascript to an application which runs under the RADICORE framework.

Published: 09 August 2006

How does the HELP facility work?

This shows you how to make HELP text available to your users in different languages.

Published: 07 August 2006

The RADICORE Security Model

Here is a list of all the security features within RADICORE.

Published: 25 April 2006

RADICORE programming guidelines

Here are a few guidelines if you wish to start developing with the RADICORE framework.

Published: 21 April 2006

How do I start a new project with RADICORE?

Before you can start bulding components for a new project there are are few simple steps you need to take.

Published: 14 April 2006

How do I build new components with RADICORE?

Once you have built your application database simply follow these steps in order to build components to perform basic CRUD operations on each table.

Published: 14 April 2006

What is a Menu system?

A menu system shows the user a list of available options so that one can be chosen to be activated. This list is usually broken down into a number of menu pages which are linked together in some sort of hierarchy.

Published: 09 April 2006

What is an RBAC system?

An access control system is used to restrict a user's access to the components within an application. In a Role Based Access Control system this access is defined for user groups (or 'roles') instead of individual users.

Published: 09 April 2006

What is a Workflow system?

A Workflow or Business Process Automation system helps ensure that the completion of a task is automatically followed by the next task in a pre-defined sequence.

Published: 09 April 2006

What is an Audit Logging system?

An Audit Logging system is used to provide a history or audit trail of all changes made to the system. These changes can be viewed with a set of simple online screens.

Published: 09 April 2006

What is a Data Dictionary?

A Data Dictionary holds meta data, or 'data about data', for an application database, and is capable of holding more information than is available in the database's own INFORMATION_SCHEMA.

Published: 09 April 2006

What is Internationalisation?

Internationalisation is the process of designing an application so that it can be adapted to various languages and regions without engineering changes.

Published: 09 April 2006

What are Transaction Patterns?

Transaction Patterns are patterns which describe user transactions, and are geared towards the structure and behaviour of application components from the user's perspective. They are not the same as design patterns which describe the framework on which applications are built.

Published: 09 April 2006

What architecture does RADICORE use?

RADICORE uses a combination of the 3-tier architecture and the MVC design pattern.

Published: 09 April 2006

How does RADICORE aid Rapid Application Development?

A lot of tools claim to enable RAD, but some are more rapid than others. How is RADICORE different?

Published: 09 April 2006

How is RADICORE unique?

What makes RADICORE unique among all the other frameworks?

Published: 09 April 2006

RADICORE for PHP - Functions, Methods and Variables

This contains documentation on all the Functions (API's), Methods and Variables used within the RADICORE framework.

Published: 10 March 2006

FAQ on the RADICORE framework

This contains a selection of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding the use of the RADICORE framework.

Published: 02 August 2003